Turin by Night

Turin by nightTurin has not two, but three identities. It is one city by day and another again by night, being full of life and brimming with opportunities for fun, along with being a city of stories and mysteries that speak of magic and the occult to listen to whilst walking through the streets, gazing up at the gates, at the ornate palaces, monuments and fountains.

Turin at sunset and at night, from cocktail hour to dinner

Turin lights

We have a tradition, the ‘aperitivo’, to which much care and attention is given in ensuring its quality. When the sun goes down, we like to take things slowly, to finish up late. Those sweet hours transform the city into a new scene, with a vitality that, albeit somewhat hidden during the cold of winter, is ever brimming with the desire to stay out in the squares, seated at the outdoor tables and chairs of the bars, chatting and watching Turin life flowing past.

There are so many locations to enjoy a proper aperitivo that it is suffice to simply select a neighbourhood or street and choose one. This is also the case for a post-dinner drink.

There is San Salvario, teeming with bars to suit all tastes, perfect if you love the more trendy clubs or even a more simple environment.

There is the Roman quarter, encompassing the entire area between Via Garibaldi and the Porta Palatina that welcomes the most varied culinary tastes and desires, without forgetting the art of drinking good wine. Pass by if you seek tradition, a hamburger with succulent Piedmont-bred meat, for a vegetarian meal or if dreaming of the East or wish to have a steaming plate of invigorating ramen placed before you, especially in the evenings when Torino is at its coolest. You can also find excellent pizzas in Turin. Indeed, we even have our own version that is soft and cooked in a pan.

Bewitching Turin: a mysteries and magic tour by night

Turin lights

How about a mystery tour? In Turin it exists. Magic is held within the symbols that are not so easy to spy without knowing where to find them: in a doorway that at first glance seems merely highly decorated, on the façade of a building, in a detail of a monument.

If you want to partake in this unusual tour of the magical city, you can visit the Rondò della Forca, a well once dedicated to executions, see the Piazza Solferino and Fontana Angelica with its references to Freemasonry, seek out the Portone del Diavolo (the Devil’s Doorway) of Palace Trucchi di Levaldigi, before investigating its history and the tarot production that is said to be headquartered within.

It is easy to explore Turin by evening and night when heading out from the Residenza. Simply reserve a room or apartment and prepare for your night tour of the city that will surely not be lacking in fun and surprises.

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