Wine and Food Tours in the Langhe

View of the Langhe (Piedmont, Italy)

Turin has sites, museums, restaurants, porticos and streets that beckon to be explored. But there is more than just the city. When it comes to outdoor excursions, mention must be made of the Langhe, the realm of wine, of traditional Piedmont food, of hills and villages so beautiful that they have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Langhe – or Langa – are the lands between Asti and Cuneo, a destination for visitors from all over Italy and abroad. Indeed, some fall so in love that they decides to stay.

The undulating landscape that cradles quaint vineyards is also peppered with smaller and more populous villages, being a sight to behold in any season, even during winter. The wine and culinary traditions are both a discovery and verification. To appreciate the flavours of the Langhe, it is suffice to visit a good restaurant or winery, or even attend some of the most famous events of the territory.

Here below is a list of things not to be missed in this special region.

The wine museum of Barolo and La Morra


Langhe and its wine go hand-in-hand with its history and culture. The WiMu Museo del Vino in Barolo is a journey through the history of wine and the complex and intense relationship between man and wine.

Born in 2010, the WiMu is located in the municipal Castle Falletti di Barolo and retraces the journey of discovery on the history of wine throughout the various floors of the castle. Like a tale that unfolds gradually, wine is its protagonist from antiquity through to today.

Should you decide to visit Barolo and its museum, we also recommend a stop in La Morra – this jewel in the country is embellished by its hospitality and the opportunity to taste the red gold of the Langhe – Il Barolo – and other traditional wines like Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera.

The tourist office of La Morra is also a reference point for the “Cantine Visitabili” route of wineries that accept visits from the public, as part of the Strada del Barolo e Grandi Vini di Langa association that provides access to the heart of the Langhe wine production.

The Alba truffle fair

Alba hills

If you are in Turin in late October, it is worth visiting Alba if not just for the Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba – the international white truffle fair – to discover and appreciate this jewel of nature. White truffle is a gastronomic delight that grows spontaneously, there being no white truffle crops. Those who try it love it, unable to resist the temptation of another mouthful.

If you cannot attend the fair, enquire where you may taste white truffle within the city or in the Langhe.

Cheese: there is a fair for that too!

Cheese is a passion, irresistible to those who love it. In September, a cheese market is held in the streets and squares of Bra, also in the Langhe. Free to attend, it offers an opportunity to learn about and even purchase Italian cheeses and the best international productions.

When planning a stay in Turin and wanting a culinary experience worth boasting about, choose your room or apartment and organise a visit to the Langhe. It is reachable by car in a short amount of time from the centre of Turin.

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